WALT: Write for an audience. The challenge in writing poems which I definitely struggled with while writing this poem was editing. Once you have poured your heart out and written down your most intimate thoughts (that’s the way I look at it) it is hard to find fault with it.



Tōuarangi pounding on the roof,

Keeping me up at night. 

Out the window,

Water drips down from kiwikiwi skies.


Kakariki bush, 

Thick and dense.

Pollen floods my nose, 

As birds wheko.

A rough moana,


Pounds shifting shores.

Salty, surly, splendid.

Grey and blue and green.


A town filled with people,

Who have lived and loved and lost.

They know their home,

This is their place in the world.


They say “home is where the heart is”

And that is true.

You love it with a passion; 

the way tamariki love to play,

because that is where you belong.


This is my poem that I wrote for world poetry day. It is about turangawaewae; the place where you belong. At school we had a competition where EVERYONE had to enter the school wide poetry challenge. And in my class I was one of two winners.

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