End of Year Letter

Kia Ora Karoro School,

I am writing this letter to thank all of the amazing people at Karoro School. Karoro School is an amazing place and I am very lucky to have been able to go here. I started in Room 4 at the end of the year, which is why Mrs Newton will insist she never taught me. Thanks for that.

I have made a lot of friends at Karoro School. Some of them moved away years ago, others will be coming with me to Grey High. But all of them are amazing if annoying people who I never would’ve met if not for Karoro School. I remember one time in Room 6 that I cannot ignore when Sofia tipped a container of glue on another Hayley’s hair. It was very funny. We laugh about it now. Another memory that is much more recent is all the screaming about books with my friends, especially in these last few weeks. Sorry about that. Just kidding, I have no regrets.

I have had a lot of amazing experiences because of Karoro School too. One of those things would be netball. I have made a lot of friends through netball who I never would have been friends with otherwise. Our netball team did quite well these last two years. This year at the Sparkle Tournament we dressed up as M & M’s. 

Of course I learnt stuff at Karoro School too like how to read and write which I will forever be grateful for. I also learnt about the horror that is maths which I am not so grateful for.  This year we got extra work that came in the form of Science Badges, Math Badges and the William Pike Challenge. All of them were stressful (STUPID PUZZLE) and at this date I have only completed one. The one I have completed which is the William Pike challenge was mainly outdoor activities which isn’t my strong point. I got to do a lot of things I’ve never done before like rafting and 3 hour walks in the rain on tracks that have been turned into mud. I enjoyed one of the things mentioned that I just mentioned. Guess which. Because of the William Pike challenge this year I got to go to the Antarctic Centre in June. That was really fun. I met kids from all around the country though to be honest I would’ve preferred my classmates to be there instead. 

Not long ago when I got to go to Christchurch with some of my friends for the choir trip. And of course, when I got to go to Wellington with Casey, Emma and Lucy for the Kidslit Finals; and we came third!

One of my favorite parts of the year is the class camp. My first one, we stayed the night at Arahura Marae which was awesome! Then we stated at Shantytown for a night and last year we stayed at Arthur’s Pass for two nights which was definitely my favorite. The class camps are always so fun and you get to see your classmates in a different way. And, I may have gotten into a stupid months long fight with Lucy about bugs but we made up eventually. Ah, fights. I tend to not be very good at avoiding arguments. I’m working on it, though.

One of my biggest passions is reading. And while I owe most of that to my family (seriously, they’re even bigger bookworms than me) but I wouldn’t be like this without all the teachers that kept pushing and helping me to do my best. Though you couldn’t fix the way I hold my pencil. MWA HA HA! Seriously though, Karoro School is the most amazing place with the most amazing people. It feels like the sort of place you read about in books; to good to be true (I would still rather go to Hogwarts).

Karoro school has its good things and its not so great things. I’ve witnessed a lot of fights, burst into tears more times than I can remember though that’s mostly on me. I definitely enjoy being a senior more than being a junior because we get to do so much more. Like arts interchange! I love drama (as in the class with Mrs Barrow). We also get to do tech which is pretty fun though I keep getting called Mr Harper. And on my report card last year they kept referring to me as he/him. DO I LOOK LIKE A BOY?! NO!

I don’t want to leave. I don’t feel ready to go. Mum says I’m ready. And I know to trust her even if my brain is screaming at me that shes wrong. Because if theres one thing Karoro School has taught me about its friendship, trusting each other, being there for each other. How to be a good person. Sure, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and you could ask anyone here and they would agree. But I have definitely changed a lot. So thank you Karoro School. I can never repay you for everything you have done for me. And if anyone is reading this I have a piece of advice for you; the teachers know what they’re doing, they will help you. You just have to ask.

  • From Harper

In class we had to write a end of year letter to Karoro School as this is our last year here. Its a tradition and all the letters are printed out and put in the office for the teachers to read. This is mine.

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