Poem – Summer


Long assemblies in hot muggy weather,

Concerts and last days,

Tears wash away the heat.


Christmas arrives,

Brunch at nana’s,

Exchanging gifts with cousins.


Best part of the season,

Kaiteriteri Camp,

Beaches, ice cream and scooters.


School starts,

New beginnings,

Fear and hope.


I’ll turn a year older,

Experience new things,

All in the Summer.


5 thoughts on “Poem – Summer

  1. Mōrena Harper,
    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem. I can see you have really thought about what summer means to you and captured the thoughts and feelings so many students will experience this summer. I’m sure many year 8 students like yourself will be feeling a mixture of fear and hope as they begin a new chapter at high school next year too. It is such an exciting time, but change can feel a bit daunting sometimes! Your description of the hot muggy weather during assembly instantly took me back to my memories of leaving intermediate school… and that was 12 years ago now!
    It sounds like you have so many exciting things to look forward this summer! How long do you go on camp for, is it something that you do every year? Thank you for sharing an awesome post Harper.

  2. Kia Ora Harper!

    I’m Stephanie from Rm2, Awapuni school. I loved how you made a poem about your summer and describing words! I’m sure as you are a year 8 and starting a new beginning will be scary but also for other year 8s at your school too. Even though I’m not a year 8 i will be a year 7 next year which I’m also scared about but I know that I will have friends coming with me at the new intermediate I will be at which is what I’m grateful for. Did you know that out of the four seasons summer has the longest days?

    I hope you find new friends at the high school you’re going to and have a great 5-6 years there.

    Nga mihi Stephanie

  3. Hello Harper,

    This is a great poem that keeps me hooked the whole time I read it. I also like the picture you put at the bottom of your story to show the audience what you were talking about. What are you doing for the summer? What is your favourite season of the year?


  4. Hi Harper,
    I’m Stephanie from Grey Main school I love your poem! You have real talent. I read it and I agree with everything in it.
    Great job!
    Sincerely Stephanie!

  5. Kia Ora Harper!

    My name is Amira and I’m from Pt England School. I could tell this took a long time to do because WOW, this is fascinating! I also really loved how you used a LOT of adjectives in this poem, this made me get hooked to the poem even more! I just have one question, what was the most amazing memories you’ve had out of this poem? Anyways, keep up the good work!

    – Amira 🙂

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