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NZ Music Quiz

WAL about New Zealand artists and music.


New Zealand Music Quiz

Make a copy of this document, file it under Nga toi (the arts) then research and record the answers to these questions.  When you are finished share your document with me.


  1.  Christchurch Rapper ‘Scribe had a hit album called what? Released in which year? Featuring a hit single called what? What is his real name?

 It was called “The Crusader”. It was released in 2003. -Karmi


2.  Pacific reggae band Herbs had a song banned due to its’ lyrical content questioning French nuclear testing in the Pacific. What was the title of the song and when was it released.

It is called French Letter and was released in 1982. -Harper

3.  Nesian Mystik formed in what year? How many albums did they release? Name them.

  It was formed in 1999. They only had 4 albums. One of them were 99AD, Elevator Musiq, Freshmen, and Polysaturated. -Karmi


4.  Who was the co-writer and producer of Lorde’s first album? What pop-punk band did he start his musical career off with? Name another internationally successful NZ artist he has worked with?

Joel Little. Goodnight Nurse. Broods. -Harper


5.  Name the West Auckland Hip Hop crew that released an album in 2012 that went to No.1 in its first week. 

Home Brew Crew. -Karmi


6.  Jordan Luck, who is he? What are his career highlights? 

Jordan Luck is the former lead singer and songwriter of The Exponent, he was born in Canada, raised in New Zealand. In 2007, 18th of September he was the first person to join the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame. He was also made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to music in the 2012 Queen’s Birthday and Diamond Jubilee Honors. He’s done pretty well. -Harper

7.  Katchafire are one the hardest working roots reggae bands in NZ, and tour internationally on a regular basis. When and where were they formed? How many albums have they released (details please). 

They had formed in Hamilton in 1997. They only had six albums. -Karmi


8. What is the stage name of Demetrius Savelio? What has he achieved as a musician?

His stage name is Savage. He was the first NZ hip hop artist to have a commercial single achieve platinum certification in the US. -Harper


9.  What Kiwi movie did the song “What’s the Time Mr Wolf?” appear in? Who were the band? 

The song was on the movie called “Once were Warriors”, and the Band was called Southside of Bombay. -Karmi


10.  OMC’s “How Bizarre” topped the charts all over the world in the mid 90s. What do the letters OMC stand for?

           OMC stands for Otara Millionaires Club. -Harper


11. Who were The Swingers? Tell me all about them, which Supermarket chain uses their music, name the song and when it was released. The Swingers were a NZ rock band from 1979 to 1982.  It was the song called Counting the Beat. -Karmi


12. Dawn Raid artist Aaradhna fourth studio album titled Brown Girl was released in July 2016. The album debuted at number one in New Zealand. What was the message behind the album, further what was the stance she took at the 2016 New Zealand Music Awards?

 The album talks about her growing up facing racism and prejudice because of her Samoan and Indian heritage. In 2016 she was presented with Best Urban/Hip Hop Album but she refused to accept it as she felt a category that included both R&B  and rap acts was putting the two different genres together for racial reasons. She then informally gave it to rap group SWIDT. -Harper


13.  Who was the lyricist of the 1984 hit single, Poi E? 

Dalvanius Prime. -Karmi

14. In 2005 a group of New Zealand musicians collaborated to set which New Zealand poet’s works to music?

Hone Tuwhare -Harper


15.  “Love is the New Hate”, “Home Again” and “One will hear the other” are three of the songs recorded by which rock band originally from Wellington? 

Shihad. But in 2002-2004 they were called Pacifier. -Harper


16.  Who were the 95bFM DJ and the Ponsonby rapper who was a member of Supergroove, that created chart topping Hip Hop anthem ‘Chains’ in 1996? 

Che Fu. -Harper


17.  Which Wellington duo were the first non-American group to win “Best Comedy Album” at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards? 

 In February 2008, Flight of the Conchords became the first non-American act to win a comedy Grammy.


18.  Why did the band six 60 call themselves that?

From the street number of the house that they lived at in Dunedin, 660 Castle Street. Ji Fraser said “That’s where it all began. It was the beginning of everything. It was a place that meant so much to us.” -Harper


19.  What kind of music is Mel Parsons?  Where is she from?

 Indie folk, alternative country. She was born in Westport. -Karmi


20.  How did Stan Walker become famous?  What happened to him in 2017 which made him have to stop his music career for awhile?

He shot to fame after winning Australian Idol in 2009. In 2017 he had his stomach removed after he was diagnosed with a rare cancer-causing gene mutation called CDH1. -Harper

I did this quiz with Karmi. We had to do a LOT of research to find the right information.